Unity or Ren’Py? This it’s our decision!

On today’s Friday Devlog Pau our developer shared some thoughts about Unity and Ren’Py so let’s see what he said to us! Starting with a new engine it’s always a challenge, first of all, we need to have in mind that we started this project with Ren’Py, an engine that is constructed to create Visual […]

Mr Roman: from sketches to final art

Do you think cats are cruel because they play with their prey before eating it? Well… Meet Roman This week we want to introduce you to one of our most mysterious characters. Rose’s partner, Mr Roman, is one of the villains of our story. A ​​charismatic, calculating and handsome guy, but with a dark past […]

Meet Ampah

Meet Ampah, Mary’s best friend and partner in adventures and misadventures. Patricia, our artist, joins forces with Mohamed, our scriptwriter, in designing and creating the characters from scratch.  Each character, be it the story main character or a humble NPC, has a unique personality, anatomical traits and distinct silhouette. Both the script and final art […]

Demo release!

Free demo release! Meet Mary, the young journalism student, and her partner Said, who will give her good and bad news… all at the same time. After a few months of development, a playable demo is finally in your hands. This week our Kickstarter campaign has ended and we are glad to announce that we […]

First Demo

The development for the first demo We are glad to show you on our second Friday DevLog the development for the first demo of Lust Elite. We have been working with Pau, our coder for the creation of the demo in Ren’Py. We decided to go with Ren’Py after some other developers team feedback. The […]

First Friday DevLog!

Welcome to our first FRIDAY DEVLOG! Here we will talk about the state of the development, show some screenshots, discuss, and more! So… Why we don’t start?  On today’s DevLog we will talk about Character design, and why is so important. When we started creating the characters we made a terrible mistake that made our […]