Demo release!

Free demo release!

Meet Mary, the young journalism student, and her partner Said, who will give her good and bad news… all at the same time.

After a few months of development, a playable demo is finally in your hands.

This week our Kickstarter campaign has ended and we are glad to announce that we have raised twice the amount requested! During the campaign we gave away a series of rewards and this demo was one of them.

What can you find in this demo?

You’ll sample a first taste of our story and we will introduce you to our protagonist and her boyfriend, two of the five characters that make up the main cast of the story and their world.

Click on the link below to play it!

Please, once you play it feel free to share your opinion with us. It’ll be really helpful.

Also if you want to support the project, we’re launching a patreon to keep supporting its development. 

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