How do we create our illustrations?

Have you ever thought about how is an illustration creation process for a visual novel? Do you want to know it? We have interviewed one of our artists, Carla Gomiz, in order to know in detail how she illustrates Lost Elite characters, sceneries, bedrooms… everything!

Take a look and discover how we create Lost Elite step by step!

Carla Gomiz: “The creative process is mainly a team work. Everyone on the creative department has their function, I mean, each person has a certain work for the visual novel: work on the characters, on the sceneries, on the clothes… Is important to know that each person has a different creation process because art has no limits.

But, in my personal experience, I could define it as a path that has different stops. The first step is to talk with our team in order to understand all the needs for the visual novel: what do we want to create, what are the things that we are working on, what do we need, etc.

Then, I start to search for information and references. I usually use PureRef to look for references. Once I have all the references that I was looking for, I put them on the same layer in order to have a complete overview of the coming illustration. When I get the ok from my team, I start with the sketches.

Once I have finished sketches. and my team has approved them, I start with the coloring process. Normally, coloring has a certain type of rules such as making all the team drawings with the same art style, where the shadows come from or where do we have to put the lights.

Finally, we render the illustration with some filters and we add tiny light and shadow touches in order to make them more aesthetic. And then, we have finished our illustration! It is ready to be uploaded to the game!”

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