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About Lust Elite

Lust Elite is an episodic Visual Novel. Although it uses a classic structure, we have added some features that wll enrich the development of the story and characters.

Our mechanics are inspired by the ones you can find in Quantic Dream or CD Projekt games. Every decision you make can affect the story and the dialogues are designed to be meaningful and affect the development of the story. In addition, everything the characters learn adds to their development, and with the use of RPG mechanics, it will open up new possibilities both in the story and in the character’s evolution.

We are taking care of all the sections of the game, from its original handcrafted illustrations, through the development of its complex script and characters, soundtrack and gameplay.

Also, we have incorporated a unique scoring system and additional content in the world of Visual Novels which we will explain later.

Lust Elite tells the story of Mary Dang, a journalism student in London who, right before starting her last year in college, meets Rose and Roman, an obscure and wealthy couple which bear the power to turn Mary’s world upside down. Will she fall into the temptation, befriend them, and be dragged, along with her friends and family, to an unexplored world of crime, corruption and lust? Or will she stay true to her dream of becoming the journalist her mother was and use Rose and Roman’s connections to her advantage?

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently in the development phase, so there isn’t any playable demo yet. Although we pretend to launch a demo in September this year

Yes, it is. We represent sexuality with naturality and without any censorship.

The final version of Lust Elite will be a FREE game, but, if you want to play the most complete version of the game and some extra content you should be subscribed to our Patreon

Yes! You will get rewards for being part of our Patreon

We want Lust Elite to be as complete a game as possible. May the experience be incredible. We can only get it with a power up! thanks to your help through Kickstarter.

Our wish is that Lust Elite releases a chapter quarterly. Currently, the team can only spend part of their time on Lust Elite. Only with the help of Kickstarters and Patreons can we fully dedicate ourselves to its development.

The roadmap shows the content planned for the next updates!

Each time we release a main update, we often post a new poll on our Patreon page where users can vote for what they would like us to work on. The option with the most votes is then placed on the “Roadmap” as a planned update.

Patrons at the 4,95€ tier or above can vote in future content polls. 4,95€ tiers have 1 vote, 9,95€ have 2 votes, and 19,95€ have 4 votes. Click here to become a Patron!