What is the software we use for programming the game?

Since the idea of ​​creating this visual novel began to take shape, we wanted to create a product with high quality standards, in all sections. Script, art, programming, etc.

To create the demo we used the specialized visual novel software Ren’py. Which has a proven track record and has been used repeatedly to make quality products. And that turned out to be essential to create the demo quickly and with the features we needed.

However, regarding the final product, we have more ambitious plans and Ren’py has fallen a bit short to implement all the ideas we have in mind. So we’ll move on to using Unity.

Unity is not a software specialized in visual novels and that opens up a range of possibilities for us and not be restricted by the limitations of Ren’py. Our main reasons for making the leap in engine have been:

  • Integrate secondary animations
  • Particles and visual effects
  • 3D scenes in real time
  • Being able to create and manage user accounts
  • Integration with web3 functionalities

In future entries of this development diary we will detail each of these decisions in more depth and we will show you examples of how they look once implemented in the game.

We are waiting for you with more news and curiosities about the development next week!

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